The nature around Benediktbeuern is fascinating. The moor arose more than 15,000 years ago. It is one of the biggest and most important wetlands in southern Germany. More than 200 bird species are resting or breeding there.

The valley along the Lainbach stream looks back to an exciting, ancient history. During the ice age about 2 mio. years ago the valley was buried a few times under a huge frost crust. The ice contained lots of rocks which remained as moraines in the valley.

You will also find a big number of nature trails in Benediktbeuern. Some of them you can enjoy even without knowledge of the German language – like the 400 m long barefoot path near the biotopes western of the monastery.

Some hundred meters further you will reach the sound path where you can create your own open air melody with stones, wood, wind and water.

After a 2 km walk you can explore the adventurous moor path which makes you familiar with different types of moor, rare plants, moor forest and a small moor lake.

The herb garden at the southern side of the courtyard house “Maierhof” at the monastery shows a huge number of different plants and herbs.

The meditation garden at the western side of this courtyard is constructed as a bottom labyrinth with four different bed circles: herbs for all senses, herbs which are healing, herbs for the kitchen and symbol herbs.